Spirit of '58 [Forthcoming]

A heartfelt look at hope, football, the father-son bond, and pre-millennial working-class Manchester. Forthcoming on general release.

Still Dark


A young man lives in a derelict East London council flat alone, with only the things he hears and reads for company amidst the claustrophobia. His daily routine and reason behind it, which at first seems harmless, only becomes clear as he descends into a state of madness, along with his shocking intentions.

The film is a comment on the negative influence of the media and society in creating paranoia and racial tension in modern-day London. Directed by Patrick Nicholls.

The Time is Now

How far would you go to help a stranger in need? What would you give to help the less fortunate? One woman discovers exactly how far she would go and what she would give to someone who firmly believes that the time is now.

A partnership project between GoThinkBig, O2 and BFI Film Academy, 24 of the UK’s most promising young filmmakers have collaborated to make three short films, based on the theme ‘The Time is Now’, inspired by the rally-cry of the new film Suffragette. Led by industry professionals, the filmmakers have written, shot and directed these short films in just under a week. The films premiered at the BFI London Film Festival 2015. Directed by Runyararo Mapfumo.

The Estate

A critical look at how Southwark council are selling off social housing to developers, destroying the communities contained within The Aylesbury estate in Elephant & Castle.

The documentary was filmed over several months and interviewed a number of residents about their opinions of the planned demolition of the estate. Directed and filmed by James Weber, sound by Ivan Eastley & Nathan Chan.